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18-Dec-2017 08:22

Skype for App Exchange – Setup conference calls on Skype from within the interface.

Pretty May Recorder – Record Skype conversations as mp3 files and manage voicemail.

See also: VOIP TOOLBOX: 30 Vo IP Services Personalization & Customization Wi Mood – Customize your mood indicator with both your most recently played Win Amp song and custom colors, styles, and links.

i Tunes Info & History – Displays your current song playing in i Tunes and also your 50 most recent tracks.

Sound Slam – Listen to and rate audio clips such as poems, songs, and stories, or upload your own and find out what others think about it.

Not My Number – The service for kindly giving your phone number to someone who doesn’t get the hint.

Video4IM – A free solution for making video calls between users with web cams.

Mobile Ji Wire Bot – Helps you find public hot spot locations.

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i Glasses – Helps you adjust your video/webcam settings from within Skype.SKMap – Plots Skype users with presence information onto a Google Map.For Business Skax – Send faxes using Skype with this pay-as-you-go service. Vitaero – Automatically changes you to Do Not Disturb mode when you have Power Point open and automatically pauses music in i Tunes when you’re on a call.Pamela Call Recorder – Automatically record calls and take notes on a call. After Beep – Skype answering machine and call recording tool. Yugma – Share your desktop and host meetings of up to 10 people for free over Skype.

Call Recorder for Mac OS X – A solution for recording calls and saving them as Quicktime files for Mac users.As the Vo IP service of choice for tens of millions of people, Skype has spawned a robust developer community, with programmers and entrepreneurs building hundreds of applications that look to piggy back on the service’s enormous success.