Dating cheap boyfriend

15-Dec-2017 22:40

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I hope to marry him, but I look into the future and am worried that I am getting myself into a life of splitting the grocery bill.

I’ve never said a peep about this to him or have expressed my feelings because how do you tell someone in so many words that they are not spending enough money on you? Dear IWC, Although I definitely think women should not date or marry men based on wealth, this situation is a definite huge red flag.

Add to this that his withholding ways may extend to other sensitive areas (time or even love), and you could have a big problem.

It’s well known that bad habits are not likely to improve after you get married, so if you’re hoping that things will get better once you settle down and share the purse strings, you are likely to be disappointed.

The worst part is that he expects you to buy him expensive things!

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And I am definitely not looking to be spoiled rotten, nor do I have an old-fashioned mentality where I believe the man should pay for everything, but he makes more than double the salary I do, yet, I honestly feel that I end up paying for more things or he will say it’s my turn to pay when it comes to more expensive stuff.

Remember that being thrifty is actually a virtue, and don’t put pressure on your partner to spend money that he doesn’t have.

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