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15-Dec-2017 20:46

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Still, Google doesn’t want to ruin your life; it just wants to sell you out.One major category of searches that I like to call “Google, am I normal?But for nearly a decade, I’ve been tipping Google off to all the real ailments and imagined insecurities that I already have, at a pace of about once an hour, every hour of the day: Google promises not to tie your consumer profile to “sensitive” demographic descriptors like your “race, religion, sexual orientation, or health” without your consent, but gender is one typically protected class Google doesn’t mind exploiting.Besides, a recent study by two Irish researchers found that even without an explicit “gay” or “Christian” ID tag, “search engines learn quickly” about exactly who they’re dealing with.

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When I was 21, they were readers last year of the risks of big data.

Google has always profited off swiping its users’ data, but in recent years, it’s gotten a little bit more open about its collection practices and laid some of its cookies on the table.

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